The 8 Best Honey Perfumes For Elevated Gourmand Scent

In recent years, gourmand scents (aka perfumes containing delicious food-inspired notes) have taken hold. From Tik Tok’s obsession with Sol de Janeiro’s sugary sweet perfume mists to the newly launched Tom Ford Vanilla Sex and re-release of Vanilla Fatale, smelling good enough to eat is most definitely in. 

But, while classic gourmands, like fig and vanilla, are still big business, recently there’s been one underrated note that’s been on the rise and I predict it’s going to be the scent to be spritzing once the warm weather hits, especially if you’re a fan of more grown-up gourmand fragrances. It’s time to introduce honey to your perfume arsenal. 

(Image credit: Jazzria Harris)

When selecting your perfect honey scent, It’s worth noting that not all are created equal. While some will love the sugary sweet combination of honey blended with cosy vanilla or toffee notes (Ellis Brooklyn’s Bee does does this expertly, as well as Lush’s Honey I Washed The Kids range for a more affordable option),which are typical ingredients in sweet perfumes, for me, it’s the more unusual honey blends that are oh-so-delicious and give the gourmand note an elegant, expensive feel. Think honey combined with delicate white florals, rich fruits and even darker, more smoky aromas, for fragrances that twist the sweetness into something new and unexpected. 

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