Dancing For The Devil’s Melanie Wilking Gives An Update On Relationship With Miranda

Melanie Wilking has addressed where her relationship with older sister Miranda Derrick stands after Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult debuted on Netflix last week. Miranda was one of the subjects of the Netflix docuseries which tells the story of an alleged cult led by pastor Robert Shinn, who also owns the talent management company 7M Films Inc.

In the series, former members of Robert Shinn’s management company as well as his church – known as Shekinah – spoke about their experiences, with Miranda’s family also discussing how they attempted to contact and rebuilt their relationships with her while she was an active member. Miranda’s younger sister Melanie and her parents, Kelly and Dean, appear in the documentary to tell their side of the story, explaining that Miranda only has a surface relationship with them these days.

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